I Should Have Went and Seen My Brother-in-Law’s Sacramento Chiropractor Long Before I Did

Dwi2, October 4, 2017

I probably complained for a full year before actually trying out a chiropractor. I told my brother-in-law that I did not believe that a guy who would twist my back would be of any help. I told him that I could have Larry, the big guy at work, crack my back. My brother-in-law laughed and told me how that might be the quickest way to a broken or at least very sore back. I asked him what the difference between Larry and a chiropractor was. He told me that for starters, many years of education. Well, his Sacramento chiropractor was making a difference in his back problems. I remember when my brother-in-law could not even mow his own lawn. Now he can do 36 holes of golf without a cart.

I really couldn’t argue about the education part. I’m not even sure Larry graduated elementary school. He was big and strong and could follow instructions to a tee. That got him a steady job in this age of people who can’t even pass a physical to get a job. I also agree that letting Larry crack my back was not a good idea. He did it once and it hurt worse for days. After the pain got to the point I could only catch a few winks at night in a chair, I decided to go see the same Sacramento chiropractor my brother-in-law sees.

The first visit was nothing short of amazing. The adjustment kind of hurt, but in a good way. I started to feel sensations in my legs of warmth like a valve was being turned on. The doctor told me that this was the beginning, and that I should expect improvement if I follow the treatment plan. I just remember being able to fall asleep in bed and wake up feeling much better. I used to feel worse than I did when I went to sleep. Now the horrible back pain is just a memory. I’m stubborn, and I should have went far sooner than I did.