I Finally Got Moved in

Dwi2, November 17, 2017

Now I really wanted to move for a number of reasons, starting with the fact that it was a really irksome commute that I have been forced to do of late. It takes me about forty minutes to get to my job some days. Aside from that my landlord has decided that he wanted to get rid of me so that he could raise the rent. It is not so easy to evict though and I did not go until I was ready. I am going to need a chiropractor in Salinas, CA though, because I really hurt my back when I was moving my stuff. About three years ago one of my friends was moving and he told me that he could have this sleeper sofa that he had. I thought it looked really nice and I needed a new couch too, so I took it. It did not take very long to figure out that he had chosen to give this thing away rather than move it, because the thing is really heavy.

At any rate I was thinking the exact same thing because I knew that we would have to get the thing up two flights of stairs and I was not really confident in the guy who was helping me. However this thing is still in great shape and I knew that it would be expensive to replace it. At any rate we got the thing up the first set of stairs and that other guy did not look very good, so we stopped and rested a bit. The second flight was where I hurt my back, for just one instance he sort of lost his grip and the entire weight of the thing was on me. Fortunately we were near the top and he made it.