How to Dominate Mega Joker Slot?

Dwi, December 20, 2016

This crafty slot is one of the best online fruit machines around. It’s devilishly fun to play and can be a real brain-tickler to ensure fans are always kept interested. The classic fruit machine style informs the presentation here with all your favourite delicious fruit symbols present and correct for you to try and match up for big winnings. However, in the words of the late great Lemmy from Motorhead “Don’t forget the joker”. This wily rogue can show up at any time. Now, often times, in popular culture, jokers can be seen as mischievous tricksters out to fool people, such as Loki from Norse mythology or Batman’s arch nemesis in the popular comic books. Here, however, this is simply not the case.

Mega Joker

The Joke’s on You, Buddy

Here the joker is the best symbol in the game. The trick is to score the Mega Joker Mystery icon, and fans can get an authentically scrumptious payout. He’s a bit of a tricky bugger, but when you get him, it’s time to celebrate. Scoring just one gives you a tasty bonus, but getting more is even better, raising your winning totals through the roof. So, remember, get the joker, and you’re home free. It’s best to get the joker game on a high bet payline, of course, so as to maximise your wagering returns.

A Joke You Can Laugh At

Are there laughs and hilarity to be discovered when playing Mega Joker? Well, that may depend on your sense of humour. Certainly, a big win could have lucky punters laughing themselves senseless all the way to the bank in no time at all. There’s no harm in having a spin or two, and you can play the base game for free, so give it a try today, and who knows what kind of fun you could be having.