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Dwi, May 14, 2018

Why You Should Get a Shower Filter

If you are a homeowner, then you must have known that shower filters are already getting popular these days. More and more people are starting to go and get shower filters for their showers. The main reason why homeowners are using shower filters today is to filter out the chlorine, so it does not enter with the shower water. In order to make water entering our homes clean and pure, chlorine is mixed with it. Chlorinated water, however, does not have a good effect on our skins and hair. This gives us a reason to put shower filters in our shower heads. Using a shower filter gives you a lot of benefits. IF you haven’t used a water filter then you might not be aware of its many benefits. Here are some of the benefits of using a shower filter.

Do you have problems with dry and dull hair after taking a shower? This may be due to the chlorinated water you are using. If chlorine gets into your hair, then it can really damage it. Chlorine is able to remove the protective outer layer of your hair. This is why using chlorinated water is not good for your hair. If you keep on using chlorinated water, expect to lose the shine on your hair and have a dull one instead. If you want to protect your hair, then make sure you filter out the chlorine from the water using a shower filter

It is now only hair that is made dry by chlorine, but it also makes your skin dry. What makes out skin smooth and healthy are the natural oils found in it. However, when you wash this away with chlorinated water, your skin can become really dry. Flaky, dry, and itchy skin can be a result of using chlorinated water for your bath. If you use a shower filter, you skin will not look dry but keep its health and smoothness.

IF you regularly dye your hair, then you should get a shower filter immediately. People dye their hair because they would want to have that hair color for as long as possible. It is expensive to put a long lasting dye on your hair but there are people who do not really mind the cost as long as they have the hair color that they want. If you have just applied dye to your hair, then there should be filters installed in your showers because one you use chlorinated water to shower, then you hair coloring can easily be removed. If you don’t have a shower filter, then your hair color will not last long and you wasted a lot of money in the process.

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